Friday, April 14, 2006

Bird Flu: A boon to the economy

That's right! We'll all become richer from a global bird flu pandemic:

- Funeral homes will find themselves with a large increase in business.

- Suppliers of masks and emergency supplies will also find themselves with greater profits.

- Doomsayers will spend their money now rather than later, stimulating economic growth.

- Doctors and nurses get increased business, also stimulating economic growth.

- Increased tensions throughout the world lead to an arms race and eventual war. This war creates millions of military jobs, as well as ensuring the high death rate from bird flu is sustained for the sake of funeral services.

- Any unemployment will result in more WINZ employees, creating jobs.

- But unemployment should decrease anyway: the jobs of those killed by bird flu should transfer to the unemployed.

- As the number of people decrease, each person has a greater share of the remaining resources. Plenty of inheritances!

- Speaking of them, the inheritances and related legal issues are going to increase work for lawyers.

- Higher prices and general harsh conditions force people to work more to survive.

- Keynesian economics will cause magical solutions from logical fallacies.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Small parties: worn out, no use, blah blah blah

What exactly have the minor parties achieved since 1996?

In Government, I'm talking. Little more than a few baubles of Ministerial office.

There are arguments for ACT to cease the "scandal" politics. Honestly, that's the main way you can see any results out of them. Raising issues important to their voters as a "think tank" inside Parliament is good, sure, but there's talk of election and coalition strategies. Forget about it. ACT is far more useful outside of Government than inside. Some ACTivists are actually rooting for John Key so ACT could win back more of their former voters and hopefully give them influence. Forget about it. Even if ACT got 20% of the vote National still wouldn't concede a 15% flat tax - maybe under Brash, but not under Key.

The Greens should learn this lesson. There is no point in trying to achieve results through coalition. Labour has shafted them for the past three elections. Instead, all minor parties are better off being think-tanks that happen to be elected to Parliament. That is of course, except the shameless opportunist parties which are responsible for most of the problems with MMP.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mind Rotting Blogosphere

How ever so enlightening it is. A typical political discussion

"Liar-bour sucks. They keep stealing our money! We need tax cuts!"
"You right-wingers are so uncaring. We'll lose services! We can't lose services."

So many arguments, so little logic. Have we ever considered something as simple as what the trade-off should be? Are taxes always too high or just right? If taxes were extremely high, the left-wingers would say they're just fine. If they were low enough, right-wingers would still call them too high, even if they would have been more than happy with them when they looked at it from the high level.

A side note: The NZ blogosphere at least, I've observed, seems to have political arguments mainly over economic issues. They seem to be almost unanimously socially liberal. Some are not quite as strong as others, but it seems considerably more so than the general population. Perhaps it is the relative youth of bloggers?