Friday, February 17, 2006

Political Correctness in NCEA

Two new things, experienced firsthand:

NCEA English: a requirement to read 9 texts. These texts must include a gender balance and different cultural perspectives. So, apparently, there's now a gender (oooh, "sex" is a naughty word now) quota in place in at least one New Zealand institution. Soon we're going to need 50% females everywhere?

I also stumbled upon a page of NCEA results divided by race. Apparently schools are obliged to report the results of students in this way. No doubt for statistic reasons, so they can say "Maori students are worse than others, therefore they need extra funding". Let's hope they'll be onto eye colour too.


Blogger libertyscott said...

Gender as a term, originally meant language as in French and Latin.

Wonder if not enough blondes do well at school and research has been done into whether the system is "hairist"?

3:55 AM  

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