Friday, January 06, 2006

What are most peoples' political views?

There seems to be a myth that around half the population are "left-wing" and half are "right-wing". Despite the obvious inadequacies in this description anyway, it couldn't be further from the truth.

It seems the vast majority of people vote on two things.

1) Conservatism. Not "right-wing" conservatism, but preserving the status quo. Why is/was National so much more electorally successful than Labour? Because it doesn't do much. It keeps things how they are, basically. Labour has latched onto this lately, and has more or less preserved the status quo. Why did so many New Zealanders hate the 80s and 90s reforms? Because they were change. Few today actually want the changes to be reversed - that would just be more change. Labour, by not doing much, is trying to force National into the "changer" position, thus hoping to replace it as the "natural" party of Government, ie the status quo.

2) Helping themselves. The rich are "greedy bastards who want tax cuts because it benefits them". The poor are just as greedy, so are the middle class. Obvious when you check out polling numbers vs. income.

So what does this prove? We're all doomed? Probably. ACT is unpopular because it wants to change things. In Government, it will be unpopular. Even if after it gets booted from Governmnent, the changes stick around forever, they'd still have been unpopular.

Also seriously why ACT shouldn't merge with National. And a number of other things I can't bother pointing out.


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