Saturday, January 14, 2006

The road to a fair society, UN style

Step 1:

The amount of child-labour in developing countries is disgusting. Being the good people we are, we need to stop this once and for all. Leading a team of UN workers, we are cracking down on exploitive employers. This will help us in our fight against poverty, shoving these countries into first world status within a year.

Step 2:

In an unrelated topic, the amount of child prostitution has rocketed up recently. We attribute it to the actions of sex tourists. The latest crackdown will give hefty penalties as well as an extensive screening process to stamp out the causes of poverty for good

Step 3:

In another unrelated topic, the amount of crime in third world countries, particularly juvenile, has increased substantially recently. While levels were always bad, it threatens to force the closure of many already struggling businesses, as their products are stolen by hordes of starving children.


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