Thursday, January 12, 2006

Buy Male Made & Keep Men Working!

Want to make a real difference to men all around the world? With the Government's new " Buy Male Made" campaign, you can! By purchasing products with the "Made by Males" sticker, you can ensure males get more jobs and ensure money stays in the Male Economy.

Females, however, are not being left out. To ensure equality of the sexes, a "Buy Female Made" campaign has also been announced. Now, females around the country can ensure women get a helping hand. By purchasing products with the "Made by Females" sticker, you can ensure females get more jobs and ensure money stays in the Female Economy.

Even if it does cost a bit more money to buy a product made by the same sex as you, remember, shopping is a political act. If you purchase something made by someone of the opposite sex, you'll hear a giant sucking sound of jobs moving sexes. This is only going to make your sex worse off, afterall. For example, a female buying a "Male Made" product will see that money shifted out of the female economy forever, because males don't buy female products for some reason...


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