Friday, December 23, 2005

Nationalism is Cronyism

Winston First is the last party I'd ever vote for. Well behind the Greens.

It's the nationalistic fallacy.

Supposably, we should support people just because "they're New Zealanders". Because they happened to be born within some borders. Because they're "our mates". And don't we complain when politicians do this? In third world dictatorships where businesses are run by friends of the Government?

How is this any different when you prefer New Zealand workers to overseas workers? When we try to "save New Zealand jobs". OMG IT'S THE END ALL: DISCRIMINATION. We're trying to intervene to save jobs of our "mates", fellow citizens, from going to someone else. And we complain about cronyism. Hypocrites?

Of course this is all the nature of the political system. Politicians don't care about anything outside their broad constituency (the country). You'll notice complaints in the USA when "jobs go to Mexico". Yet it's obviously nothing to do with geography or even the mythical "helping local economies" - there are very little complaints when Californian jobs go to New York, but there'd be far more if they went to Mexico, despite Mexico actually being far more "local". It's entirely fabricated - entirely for the purpose of political interests. Despite the fact jobs are a zero-sum game, it isn't within an arbritralily designated region called a nation. It's the worst part of politics. Despicable.


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