Saturday, December 24, 2005

Libertarianism: A compromise, not just an ideology

You'll notice that most Governments in the world aren't what we'd call "libertarian". Oh it's definitely so when you compare to a few decades ago, but not nearly as much as would be "preferred".

It is an inherent failure of democracy, it will not elect a Government that on average, best for all, but due to its nature, what around half the populations want the other half to do. People go into politics generally to change things. Changing things, in their mind, is moving towards their "vision", often involving controlling people to reach these ends. It rarely matters whether they are "left" or "right". And much of the electorate is like that. They often either want to control them economically (liberal left) or socially (conservative right). And as their sense of control often overrides the things they want to keep free, instead of "cancelling each other out", as it seems it should, they instead pile up.

Libertarianism can be seen as a compromise. We all want to get our sticky hands into someone else's pie. If we all just agreed to leave each other alone, we may not like it as much as our pet project, but it'd be closer to what the general population wants, if applied on average.


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