Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I have discovered the solution to EVERY problem!

People have been complaining about the numerous issues that exist in the world. I can't believe no-one has yet figured out the ultimate solution:


Look at all the things that will NO LONGER EXIST after the world has been blown up:

- Poverty
- Drug abuse
- Rape
- Murder
- Annoying people
- Left-wingers
- Right-wingers
- Politicians
- Lawyers
- Pain
- Cancer
- People
- Idiots (superflous, I know)
- Insanity
- Exploitation
- Taxes
- Whatever pet thing you hate, it's almost certainly GONE.

I can't believe my non-fallacious argument has not been accepted by the wider public. Many people search for some "Holy Grail" that will instantly give us Utopia. All of them have failed miserably. Pfft. They looked beyond the painstakingly obvious - destroying the planet destroys all of life's problems, and using my superior logic, therefore leads us to Utopia. Aren't I awesome?


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