Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Greatest Story in the World

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The Assassin

Its a Dark and lonely night there isa rugged looking man lying on the 17h Green on Greendale golf Course. He's waiting, for what, don't know for who don't know but he's up to something I better keep an eye on him. Oh No he's up creeping slowing into my mate Jimmys, I jump out my window I reassure myself and slowly chase him down I follow him inside

I arrive soon after. I walk into the backyard its an older house, small with a large section. plenty of garden. I here the back door creak open he's goin in. 'Oh shit' I said as I slowly followed him inside. I reach. for my cell phone and with my last 20c txt Jimmy 'wher r u m8 is ya family hme?" I sent the message soon after I received a txt 'I just walking in the door'

Oh my gosh that guys in there what should I do? I here the front door open... and then close he's in there. Theres a few moments I decide to keep watch through the living Room Window theres Nothing to be seen. I think to myself wondering where the man had gone.

Bang. Oh shit somethings going doin down what Ruthless killer he must of been shooting at 8pm in complete silence everyone could of heard it. I wait in the backyard the neighbours lights are on Theres still no sign of the man. Thump the back doors open I can hear him running straight towards me.

Hes closing in I can hear him panting, I am going to tackle him. Thump! my shoulder crashes into his ribs I pick him up I am going to Dump this guy to the ground. he feels light I cant feel his weight on my shoulders whats going on I say to my self I look up! this guys flying away what the hell I say to my self why does he have wings I keep my grip he picks me up into the air. I drop of he's gone he flys into the distance. I sprint inside to check on Jimmy he's OK the shot missed him. We decide never to speak of it again.


This is a story I found at school early this year. No name or anything, but based on what evidence I can find, it was written by a Year 10, a 14 year old.

Is this the ultimate product of our education system? I dare you to find everything wrong with it. I tried doing that months ago. There's too many to list here.


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