Thursday, December 22, 2005

Full blooded people are racist

A full-blooded Maori has racist ancestors. If they're married to another Maori, they're racist themselves.

As does any other full-blooded person, in a multicultural society.

We really need to call the HRC about this. Brutual discrimination in partners. It appears that people are selecting their partners with a predominant bias in race, not merit. Perhaps this makes some racism legitimate? Go find some third generation plus person and insult them for being racist/having racist parents, because it's true.

There has got to be some reason for differences in race. And I think I have found it. Racial discrepancies exist because people are racist. The most obvious reason being, distinct races cannot exist if interracial breeding is the norm.

But consider another reason why races may be worse off. Consider that most people tend to marry within their own "class". Every society has its own caste system, even if some are more distinct than others. Wealthier people tend to marry other wealthier people. The "poor" tend to marry other poor.

So we have a perpetual cycle. If, at one point, a certain race (or any identifiable group, really) is considerably worse off than other races/groups, that group will continue worse-off. Assume we have two races, Race A and Race B. Race A makes up 90% of the population and is considerably more well off than Race B. Race B's statistics are considerably worse off than than Race A's.

Now, when the partners are chosen. If people tend to marry by class and race, the Race Bs will happen to find that their class is considerably more likely to contain other Race B members, as they were initially less well off. Counting in the "race bias" as well, there will be considerably small amounts of interracial breeding. Now, we find with the next generation, there are a considerable amount of pure-blood Race B children. Due to sheer probability, their parents are poorer, more violent, more likely to be criminals, and so forth. This in turn, makes it considerably more likely for those children to "inherit" the worse statistics. So we find by the next time the generation chooses their partners, Race B's statistics are still far worse than Race A's. Their partners will tend to be their own race, their own class. Their own race is much more likely to be in the lower classes, so the cycle continues.

In general, poor statistics for minorities are unlikely to have much to do with current-day oppression, or genetic inferiority. In fact we'd probably find that comparing a poor, violent European family and a poor, violent Maori family, several generations down the line, the European descendants would not be much better off than the Maori. Simply due to nature of breeding.


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